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Jeans and a T

October 3, 2011 — 4 Comments

Anyone else ever think of the parallels between fashion and diet? Celebrities lead the new style/diet, they style/diet is cool for a while then mocked after, you can’t believe you used to dress/eat that way, you personally wish that it was still acceptable to dress/eat that way…

Our little paleo sphere is seeing that right now it seems. For the beginning “chapter” of the paleo diet we saw the low carb fashion reigning supreme. Robb wolf aka paleo baby Jesus can be heard stating low carb repeatedly in his podcasts, at the beginning. The whole community was shotgunning coconut milk and snorting bacon crumbles-because carbs were evil and fat had been unfairly vilified, so let’s get fats their due time in the spotlight by proving how safe they are with enormous quantities of them.

A few years of this mentality and we started to see fashion designers playing with new styles as the demand changed. Active members seemed to have an interest (hard on) for sweet potatoes and other tubers, as the 400g of fat diet wasn’t cutting it for their physical demands anymore. Robb wolf aka slayer of giant elk started saying low carbish paleo diet.

Now we are entering the next little fashion swing, which is always dangerous. For example, remember how jeans used to be obnoxiously baggy, hanging off asses, and generally looking like homeless losers? Well now I can’t buy jeans because every cut is “skinny or slim”. The style swung too far in the other direction. I hope we don’t see this in the paleo sphere, but it feels like what is coming. My favorite blogger Kurt Harris is eating rice crispies-how long until rice crispy bars, (don’t worry, sweetened with coconut syrup…sarcasm) are “paleo”?

Robb wolf aka atlatl master is staying the course-cautiously allowing more and more carbs (rice and corn! Gasp!) into the talk. Right now robb’s aka looking manly in a pelt paleo recommendations seem to me like jeans and a t-classic. This look has been good since Levis came around. I’d like to see most people stop worrying about macro ratios at all and just eat a classic, real food, jeans and t diet.

Also Vnecks are totally acceptable in lieu of a t.