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March 23, 2013 — 1 Comment


but first! PaleoFX is this weekend and I’m pumped….gonna be so many awesome people and so much good info to be had.

Perhaps the most telling thing I have as “evidence” for what the general public considers to be a healthy diet is my 12 years of experience at trader joes, where whenever I have a customer who is buying lots of whole wheat, quinoa, vegetarian food stuffs, and is devoid of meat I ask them “are you vegetarian?”, and if they are they say yes….but the telling part is at least 75% of the others reply with “no, but I really TRY to not eat much meat. Y’know, trying to be healthy”

I reply with “of course” while noting their candies, chips, and pastas. Then I take a sip of hot butter coffee/bite of beef jerky/handful of dark chocolate macadamias.

Everyone on here (the net) arguing what is bad…we all agree that processed foods are bad…be it because of the crappy fats, carbs, or mystery science food stuffs. The thing is y’all…like Sean Croxton says, JUST EAT REAL FOOD. That packaged pasta shit isn’t real food. That tofurky for sure isn’t real food.

Let the internet specialist/expert circle jerk party of arguing continue while the general public remains woefully ignorant of the fact that the USDA/ADA/AHA diet guidelines are bad news, as are most media stuff. It’s coming around, and the bestest ways we can spend our energies is by putting out good info, and working in the trenches instead of arguing online with the same people repeatedly.

Ranty over

Magic Mike

March 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

A fitness stripper magic east/west coast battle has started

Earlier today, the bootycampers named a move we did the magic mike

Then Kyle and BPM responded with this magic

This was amazing, and so only my most important contribution to fitness would suffice….

You’re welcome.

gettin in the corners

March 12, 2013 — 1 Comment

I can remember my favorite leg workout from 2003-8 involved a series of lunges mixed with medicine ball lifts, as well as some single arm DB snatches in different positions. I remember remarking about how I felt better on the basketball court, and the people I trained felt the same way, invariably.

Then I got more smarter.

I listened to how people ‘just need to get strong’ and do no other type of training than their sport.

Except that didn’t translate to better performance, but instead translated to injuries and less suppleness in my hip region. Now….that’s me personally, and I definitely think that people need to get strong first. But how strong is strong enough? Take me for example, I weigh 190-200 lbs depending on the amount of ice cream I’ve had recently. So, if I can comfortably squat 315 for 8-10, should I be worried about getting heavier? I don’t think so. Especially now that I’ve had a couple injuries. For me I’m getting back to my training athletically mindset-which to me means more abilities with submax weights….without entering the dreaded “WTF” exercise is that!

Here are some vids of things I played with yesterday morning, where I’m exploring bottom squat position on one leg, but doing so loaded with just 2x12kg. I’ve found these to greatly help out in getting some right knee rom back to normal(ish), and approaching my left side. Shout out to John Wolf for the twisting descending squat…he calls it the dragon squat. I’ve always been a fan of the curtsy squat, but this pivot into is really cool, very athletic. Not sure I’ve seen the added press to it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if so. These loaded mobility drills are sweet.

And then we have me just doing dumb stuff….but it’s pretty cool

3 vids

March 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

Saturday morning in the middle of 5 training sessions today, I put together 3 vids quickly.

the bootycamps are fillling up, so get your ass to it!

And 3 people just filled 3 of my remaining 5 spots for online coaching….so my public school math says, I have 2 spots left for you.