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February 13, 2014 — 1 Comment

So many people have so many excuses. Please let me help you out with some reality.

I don’t have enough time……..

FALSE. You don’t make time. 30 minutes at home, split into two 15 minute sessions is absolutely doable. Go old school, see how many times you can do the following circuit in 15 minutes. Do it when you wake up before you shower, and at night before you shower. You were just gonna check facebook anyway.

  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 10 pushups
  • 20 lunges
  • 20 bent over stack of books or something sorta heavy rows

Also, many gyms have 30-45 minutes classes. Take Fitwall for example, 40 minute class that’s gonna be fun, motivational, and effective.

it’s too expensive….

FALSE. You don’t budget effectively to support your health. Stop buying so much water, coffee, kombucha, and coconut water. (that’s a note to myself as well btw). Let’s just say you purchased $5 of beverages on average per day….that’d be $150/month that you could apply towards a better fitness program. One where you have support, leadership, motivation help, and get led by people who know what they are doing.

Eat out less often. Like 3 times each month, don’t eat out…and boom, you have money for fitness expertise!

it’s too hard….

FALSE. You just need to adjust your expectations. You can’t go super hard right away. Read this featuring the homies Dick Talens of and Rog Law of

Again, you just have no idea of what to do. I know fitness, when my car needs fixing I go to a mechanic. Think of me, and other fitness professionals, as mechanics for your broken, run down body. Go get some help!

I’m not fit enough….

EXACTLY. This is mind boggling when I hear it, but I get it. You are scared. You feel bad. Fitness professionals will help you. Real life isn’t the biggest loser, we will not berate you. We will encourage, motivate, and help you. Our only goal is to see you get better.

And if none of that works….watch this clip and then ask yourself….”do I really have an excuse that will keep me from getting a little bit better every day?”

what does it take

February 7, 2014 — 1 Comment

I see a very big disconnect from what people expect out of life, work and the universe and what they are willing to do to achieve it.

What I mean is this: you aren’t owed anything. You earn what you earn…continually. Until you can, you can’t just stop grinding, hustling, and earning.  If you aren’t getting what you want, figure out how to make it happen. Maybe it means more hours, maybe it means reading more books. It definitely doesn’t mean “ensuring you have your play time”.


Let me tell you how I see it when we have motivational speakers or tycoons or whomever telling you that you “need to take the time for you and do the things you enjoy” or “do what you love and get rich”. The people telling  selling you that are getting rich doing it, because they are telling you what you want to hear. They started taking time off after they got where they wanted to go, not during.

Here is a quote that has never ever been said by someone telling you what it is they did to get successful “I made sure to only work 40 hours. Take 2 days off each week, take my vacations, and do everything I wanted to do”. NOPE. It is more like “Yes I made sacrifices. I basically slept in my office for 2 years, and that’s how I got to where I am now. I made sacrifices.” 

Increasingly, it seems as though people think they are owed things without putting in the work: be it more money, more time to do fun things, a promotion etc.  I wonder if this is because of all the motivational speakers, infomercials, and other “promisers” telling everyone what they want to hear.

A little balance

Now, I’m not saying there isn’t merit to doing what you want in life. You absolutely have to have some balance. But the expectations seem askew to me. Everyone will have a different ratio of work to leisure time that they need. The people who run shit, seem to have a better ability to withstand a more demanding work schedule. They have better copability in general.  Don’t whine about not getting what you think you are owed if you aren’t doing everything you can to make sure it happens. That’s little kid stuff aka bratty.

You have to take care of your loved ones as well. Often times it is they who are the ones distressed most by long hours and other demands. I get that. But they should understand why you are doing what you are doing-that being hustling and setting up a future. They should be supporting you to succeed instead of guilting you into feeling like you are making bad choices.

Do what you “love”

No. Do what you don’t hate. Do what you are good at. Do what you can handle doing, and provide for yourself and family. If you hate it, then definitely leave. But if you think you are gonna get ahead playing video games, you are likely gonna be broke. If you think you’re going to get rich being a food critic, you are gonna be disappointed. This is a foolish expectation.

Do something that has “meaning”

WTF is meaning? My meaning is providing in such a way that my people and I can eat how we want to, do things when we want to (assuming it doesn’t take away from what we need to do first), and save a little. If you “need” to feel like you are having a positive impact on the world, I guess you could go be a very annoying green peace sign holder in front of Trader Joe’s. And then whine about how you don’t get paid enough or that you’ve been holding a sign for 40 hours these last 4 months and you want to be promoted to the whole foods lot instead of the trader joes lot and it isn’t fair that you have to stay in the trader joe’s lot because you’ve worked so hard.

I love seeing people get fitter and healthier. That’s a goal of mine in fitness. It’s tied with the fact that I’m good at teaching it. And that I happen to really be interested in how the body works.

wow, clif is sure cynical!

maybe. maybe just more realistic. maybe not a whiner. maybe not a sissy 😉

All I am saying here is: nobody owes you anything. If you did a couple good things in the past, put in work in the past, congratulations and good for you. But what are you doing now?

I used to spend 5 hours/week playing basketball, 2-3 nights a week hanging out with friends. I had fun. I saved no money. Those days were good days, and I don’t regret what I did at all. I was in a job where I worked 50 hours a week enthusiastically and would’ve done more if CA allowed it, and I moved up through the ranks really fast. I left that job, and started with another, where I worked everyday and flew around the country for 16 months. Now I’m with Fitwall and I recently took one day off-to get married.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me in this post. I don’t expect others to work like me, or like the CEOs and successful people work-but I don’t expect to see those others move ahead either.

Now that I’m done with my morning rant, it’s back to work. We have more people out there who need to try Fitwall so we can open in other cities.

Do as much as you can handle. Don’t do more. But understand that if someone can handle more, and produce more-that is the person who is moving forward. I’m not letting anyone work harder than I.  Some will say-you stop being effective after a certain point. I agree. That’s when I rest, go to the gym, watch a movie, or go to bed. And then I get back at it.

I feel like this should end with “stay thirsty my friends” even though it doesn’t really make sense.

stay thirsty my friends”


what is a fad

February 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

Random Thoughts….

So I’ve been pretty dang quiet here, on account of being busy getting married, and helping to open up multiple Fitwall studios. So here are some quasi related things that I’ve been thinking about…

Is Fitwall just a “fad”? I have to answer this question because of the fact that in the fitness industry certain things come and go. Well here are a few reasons that Fitwall is not going to be a “fad”.

  • We are using the most used and advanced training equipment in the history of ever. Your own body!  One of our advisors, Dr. Mantell, says it very well “at Fitwall the only thing that moves is you”.
  • We are primarily a bodyweight movement centered training program. Think: pushups, lunges, squats, hip hinges, rotation, anti rotation, pulling, climbing, crawling. The Fitwall itself is a large tool-the way that a KB, barbell, cable, or pull-up bar is a tool. Each of these tools allows for some specific exercises and benefits.
  • Bodyweight training has been around for, ummm….FOREVER.
    • Now…the Fitwall as a tool allows us challenge the body in some very unique ways, that I don’t see repeatable at other gyms. Namely the large amount of reflexive stability demands required to stabilize and control movement when on the wall. Other bonuses such as working pinch grip, fat grip, and horizontal pulling in large amounts are also great.
    • I don’t believe I can recall many people commenting on how “bodyweight movements, aka calisthenics”  is a “fad”.
      • It’s cute how people see a 3 minute piece on some news outlet about what we are doing and come to conclusions that it is a “fad”, or “gimmicky”. Cute because without trying something or spending any time doing it-one is simply ignorant about what they are commenting on.
    • In fact, bodyweight training is only getting more and more popular, in many programs, because the industry is coming around to the fact that simplification of training the body into body parts, or even into specific qualities of fitness can be an inefficient way to reach their goals. READ: machines are not all that great, and neither is just barbells.
      • To reiterate…the Fitwall is not a machine. It is an opportunity to explore movement of the human body in novel ways.
  • We are using solid, scientifically sound programming and relying on real expertise.
    • This is definitely a dig at most “professionals” out there. If you got your certification in a weekend cert, be it CrossFit, Pilates, Yoga, KB, or anything….it doesn’t mean you are a fitness professional. I don’t believe everyone needs to have a masters, or even a bachelors in Kinesiology in order to understand human movement and be a good coach. But when someone decides to get their weekend cert and “parrots” what they are told without a single critical thought about what they are taught, they are not a professional.
      • Examples: “this bind will help cleanse your spleen” -NO IT WON’T
        • “squats and deadlifts is the only core work you need” -NO IT ISN’T
        • “we are lengthening and toning” -I WANNA SHOOT MYSELF WHEN I HEAR THIS
        • “it really works more core because they cue me to brace my core the whole class” -YEAH…PROBABLY NOT A GOOD THING. THE CORE SHOULD BE ABLE TO RESPOND AND BE REFLEXIVE, NOT JUST TIGHT AT ALL POINTS.
        • “I’m gonna get that yoga butt” -THOSE ARE JUST THE PANTS. GO SQUAT AND HIP HINGE UNDER LOAD PLEASE.
      • Picking movements at random, and doing always high intensity wods, which when you look back seem very very same to each other, is a great way to over do things
      • Looking at the “experts” of a gym where a recent commentator saying Fitwall is likely a fad I noticed something: not one had much of any experience in the fitness industry. They were all people who lost weight doing their exercise, got certified, and decided to open a gym. This is not to say the gym is not good, doesn’t produce results, and can’t yield a great training session. However, I can tell you that our team is going to remain to be the most qualified and experienced group that we can possibly be. As a result of this experience and expertise we will be delivering exceptionally well thought out programming. I will gladly entertain any questions as to what and why we do the things the way we do.

Now…I understand why and where some “fad” criticisms come from…most likely our integration of technology into the training setting. However, if that is why you think it is a fad then you are simply ignoring the increased utilization of technology and monitoring to track and enhance how people train. We are using the tech to enhance and guide a smarter training experience. Here’s how…

  • we track your recovery in one minute blocks following one minute all out efforts of various drills.  We use the historical average of your recovery to track fitness improvements, and also to serve as a measure of when to take it easy. So if your average 1minute recovery after our first sprint is generally 30 beats, and today you only get 22, the system will tell you to make it an easy day. It clearly shows your recovery being compromised, so we treat it as a regeneration day and ask you to only take your HR to no more than 80% during the workout. We use your own personal Fitwall max HR to come up with the %’s because all the estimates and formulas in the world aren’t as exact.
  • we will be counting your reps via accelerometer and comparing it to your past efforts in the same exercise in the same workouts. You do more of something in the same time and you are fitter.
  • We send it all to the cloud where your info is stored, and you can track how awesomely you are improving.
  • We have videos of the movements going while you exercise, not for you to follow and not to be the coach, but to help with form ongoingly rather than people looking side to side at each other.

Oh yeah….also….we have TWO studios and are making this much noise. It’s because people who understand fitness are paying attention. It’s because we do have a big thing that happening. My goal is to make the most delicious fitness gummi vitamin possible. One where it tastes delicious with sweet timed music mixes to the workout, where the vibe is fun and funny, but also where nobody is going to tell you that you will lengthen your muscles and tone and not get bulky.

GOAL: The best group training available. Most principle based. We aren’t just doing things because they are “hard” like a bootcamp generally does. We aren’t just going for the burn. This is real athletic training.

PS….in our private training rooms, we have heavy stuff to pick up, squat, and press. I just don’t think that should be taught in a fast moving group class to people who are generally not experienced enough to be doing heavy weighted movements in a large class environment. But we do have them available because yes, it’s important, and yes, people should do that once they have a certain movement and strength baseline.

Big things poppin

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I generally like to remain humble. Ish. But we are making some pretty big noise here at Fitwall…my follow up post to this article will be as to why we are awesome and not another fitness fad. But for now….here are some press pieces…




Detail’s Magazine



Tech Crunch

Huff Post

Women’s Health-about Fitwall

Women’s Health-Fitwall workout with no wall

aaaand that is just the national press. Our San Diego regional coverage has been great as well. Tomorrow….why this is the case!

Go to and sign up….and get your first class free.

We have amazing coaches…I am picking them! (maniacal laugh)