Online coaching

The online coaching program involves a preliminary questionnaire at the beginning to discuss your history, injuries, limitations, etc and actually begins with the questions below.  From the information below and information regarding your time available to train, goals, and what you have access to, I develop a personalized 1 month fitness program for you. I have you send me video of you performing the exercises, and we will have video support as needed.
I provide my own BA diet recommendations for you to follow, and we may get more specific based on our discussion and the questions below. I expect you to keep a food journal, ideally something on the iPhone/Android as it is really easy to email me that journal.  However, the real magic of the journal isn’t me reading it-it’s making you aware of what you are putting in your face!
  1. What is your current fitness regimen? Please be specific.
  2. What fitness programs have you enjoyed and/or disliked in the past?
  3. Do you have any past or current injuries? Limitations like chronic tightness?
  4. What is your job (not mandatory) and how much time (when) do you have available to train?
  5. How much do you want to train?
  6. What equipment or gym ‘stuff’ do you have access to?
  7. What are you training for? Sport, 6 pack, vitality…please be as specific as you can.
  8. What is your current diet, and do you have any specific dietary limitations or rules?
  9. Why are you considering online coaching?
  10. Can you commit 100% to following the program laid out for you? Including the diet rules, lifestyle rules, and training program?
During the month you can email me whenever is needed for questions, and you can be sure I’ll answer promptly-that’s why I’m limiting it to 10 people.
The first month is $225, and the follow up months are $150.
Please copy and paste the questions above into an email if you are interested and send to

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