BA training (about)

Be Able. Be Athletic.  

Being able means possessing the abilities to perform day to day work and life tasks effectively and without pain. Being athletic is taking your abilities another step further by adding extra fitness and mastery of movement.

I am available for very limited online coaching (10 people a month, email for details).

What is BA training? 

I am a movement, strength and conditioning coach. My only goal is to help YOU achieve YOUR goals through AWESOME training.  We’ll do things you haven’t done before, and improve things you have.  My training philosophy is a blend of practicality and ideals-meaning I’m going to sneak in mobility, stability, and ‘corrective’ training while also training for aesthetics, and keeping it FUN.  Many trainers call themselves strength & conditioning coaches and take themselves too seriously; I like to use scientific principles in a fun and accessible structure.  I want you to move better, and to feel good about how you look. Here are my credentials.

  • I hold a BS in Kinesiology from SDSU
  • KB Athletics Certification Master Instructor
  • Animal Flow Certification Master Instructor
  • CrossFit, CF Mobility, CF Football
  • ACE PT
  • DVRT Sandbag Level 1
  • Please check out the reviews and interviews 

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