AHS11. Holla.

August 8, 2011 — 15 Comments
I wanted to get all up in the action of recapping what happened at the AHS11 at UCLA this weekend.
Cavemen tweet
Seriously, a lot.  The AHS11 hashtag was blowing up, with conversations happening from people in the same room (or next to each other), to loads of folks whining about not being there.
The people at the symposium were damn attractive.  You might think that just having a bunch of active people together would make that obvious-BUT, I’ve been to a number of fitness conventions and am usually alarmed by how fat or skinny fat a bunch of “experts” and the crowds really are.  Not at the AHS.  The vast majority were walking around fit, toned, with healthy skin, healthy hair, and a general healthy “vibe”. This is personified perfectly by the Whole9 couple Mellissa and Dallas, which every blog has mentioned as being amazing, and rightly so.
Carbs are bad
A number of presenters (Taubes, Nora, Eades, etc) told us the evils of excessive carbohydrate intake.
Carbs are good
A number of presenters (Guyenet, Nikolai, Lindberg, more) said that carbs are fine.
Just eat food
This was the overwhelming message, and I really liked to hear it.  I advise people with the following advice, “when choosing food, just don’t be an asshole.”
Seriously, if you’re reading this, then you probably have an awesome 3 hour a day addiction to the Paleo blogosphere and will read anything with the AHS11 tag…so you know enough to eat healthy and you may just want to start doing it, and not stress over the details too much.  Please see the Whole9 poster (best poster of the AHS)
I gotta look into these a little bit more, as they came up a lot during the talks.
The Kraken
M@ LaLonde talks really fast about chemistry and can pronounce multi syllables with no hiccups at all.  #itslikehestalkinginonereallybighashtag
Poop is loved
Seriously.  Paleo folk love talking about poop.  Dr. BG gave one of the funniest and informative talks at the symposium.  Melissa McEwan also gave a great talk about the gut.  It’s important. How come nobody discussed the importance of the squat in conjunction with the poop talks though?
Just move
Frank Forencich, Mark Sisson, Erwan Le Corre, Keith Norris, Doug McGuff all gave talks about exercise/movement/play…and I can’t wait to watch them all.  AHS is ancestral HEALTH, not just diet, and it was great to have these smart presenters round out the talks over the weekend.
Baby Jesus has a poo poo mouth
Lyndsay Starke started calling Robb Wolf by the name of Paleo Baby Jesus on her #twitter feed, and I don’t know why that didn’t get picked up immediately.  I hope it catches on.  Regardlessly, Baby Jesus (who gave a very entertaining talk) got up during the Town-Hall-like open mic session after Denise Minger’s talk and told the people who won’t listen to “go fuck themselves”. AMEN
Taubes is a dick
I wasn’t there, but Taubes started laying into Guyenet, even when Taubes was up next to present.  Poor form, IMO.  No worries though, as Stehpan seemed to handle himself intelligently and came out looking the better man.
N-1 is good
This is an extension of carbs are good/bad or just eat real food.  Find what works for you. Experiement, learn, evolve. Richard’s talk was cool, glad he, as a very vocal member of the community got a chance to speak.
Milk is bad
The person who I dislike the most is Pedro Bastard. I mean Bastos.  Not because he’s a bad guy (in fact he’s quite the opposite, a very polite and inredibly smart guy), but because his antiDairy* talk has me rethinking my ice cream addiction habit. Jerk.
Denise Minger
Every blog has pointed out how sweet and cute Denise Minger was, and what a great job she did in her hilarious presentation.  I’ll echo all of that and add sexy to it. The Lazy Caveman and I have a battle ahead of us over her imaginary love.
The “Feel” in the air
Pride, happiness, excitement-this is what I felt floating around the lecture halls and it was damn cool.
Smart, funny, sassy, sarcastic
I spent a good amount of time this weekend hanging around Andrew of @evolvify, David of @thrivenaturally, and Lyndsay of @gone2croatan and I felt really fortunate to do so as they were great company.  Each of them very intelligent, and funny as hell.
OVERRATED. C’MON!! It tasted great, but I want dinner, not appetizers.  (damn the marrow was good though)
New Connections
I don’t mean professional, I mean human connections with new people.  I had the pleasure/luck to have brunch, and dinner with the Dallas and Melissa of Whole9, and they blew me away as people-just amazing quality people who want to help others get better.
Also: Justin Doran, Colin Pistell, Greg Carver, James Dang, Diane Sanfilippo-thanks for the fun weekend.
MovNat Workshop at Venice Beach
Sensory overload.  That place is nuts, but it was a lot of fun and we had a great group including the super smart likes of Jamie Scott, Emily Deans, Dr. BG, and Jack Kruse.  They, and the entire group put forth a fantastic effort and focus in the craziest location I’ve taught at yet. Oh yeah, we also had the frenchman himself, Erwan Le Corre sharing his knowledge.
I had a hell of a time.
*Bastos’s talk was much more anti industrialized dairy than actually dairy-I’m just very protective of my ice cream!

15 responses to AHS11. Holla.


    Nice re-cap Clifton. Hope to see you at Strengthbox in the fall.


    Thanks, darlin’. It was such a pleasure meeting you (and checking out your cleavage), and I only wish we had the opportunity to share ice cream as well. I’m hoping to hook up with some MovNat soon and will rock your world with my lack of coordination. XO.


    Thanks for the summation – I couldn’t make AHS11, but am planning for 12!


    As one of the whiners, who didn’t get to make it, I appreciate hearing your take on AHS11. Sounds like a fantastic time. See you in DC this fall.



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