2012 goals….?

December 21, 2011 — 5 Comments

I’ve never set yearly goals before. I’ve done short term goals: like 300lb bench, 30 pull-ups, etc…but year long goals not so much. So I am gonna try it this year.

I would absolutely love to do a bodyweight turkish getup. I weigh 200, but think I’ll be down to 190 this year-I don’t know if the 2 knee injuries I had this year was due to excessive travel, tight hips, less than optimal diet, or bad luck-but maybe being a little lighter will help. Currently I can do 150 on TGU’s on the right side without hesitation, and about 125 on the left. Plan is to just TGU often, with different things often.

10 Strict ring muscle ups, front lever, back lever. I just bought rings and will be traveling with them, so I think this’ll be “easy”.

20 consecutive wall muscle ups.  This is harder than you’d think: yes you can use your feet, but you have no real grip. It’s really tough.

Human flag. It’s just cool.

5k barefoot without calf/achilles soreness. I wore ankle braces from 17-27 every time I played basketball….and I never ran.  So my lower leg “stuff” needs lots of work, and I get ridiculously sore in a mile of bare footing…so I’m making a concerted effort to get that stronger.

Better swimmer. Just need to do it. nike. ugh.

Handstand mastery. It’s a useless skill but it pisses me off I can’t do it well.

No knee injury. Hurting each knee this year was pretty annoying.

So what are your goals?

5 responses to 2012 goals….?


    Dude, but what about your Fran time? 😉 Kick-ass series of goals Clifton!

    My goals for 2012:
    – 90 kg clean and jerk and 70 kg snatch by March
    – Free-standing one-armed handstand by May
    – Front lever, back lever, and planche by September
    – Back flip and front flip by November


    – Dunk a basketball.
    – Complete Martin Rooney’s “15 in 15 and under 15.”
    – Swim once a week. If only for the hot tub/sauna afterward.
    – Do 25 chin-ups from a tree branch.
    – Eat green vegetables with nearly every meal.
    – Cook at least once a day. Also, more steak, less hamburger.
    – Get to the point where I wake up most days without an alarm.


    Bench 315+
    Squat 405+
    Deadlift 405+
    Human Flag for time
    5k under 18mins
    Sprint 200m sub 30s; 400m sub 55s; 800m sub 115s
    Handstand (and all other planche progressions) 60s +
    Iron Cross
    Parkour skills
    etc, etc, etc 🙂


    Finally going to hit 300 bench, 400 squat, 500 deadlift this year


    Front Lever hold for 15 seconds (March)
    Planche hold 10 seconds (Summer)
    L-Sit to handstand and lower back to L-Sit (Fall)
    One Arm Pull Ups X5 with each Arm (Summer)
    Pull Ups with 125 lbs added weight X5 (February)
    Rock climb Sport 13a (Fall)
    Rock climb – Boulder V10 (Fall)

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