July 25, 2012 — 2 Comments

So I was chatting with Sir Suppleness about icing and some other recovery things…and I ended up buying a MarcPro electrical stimulator device to use post shoulder surgery in lieu of ice, and hopefully in lieu of pain meds as well.  I really really dislike pain meds, and ice use is sorta sketchy too.  So I’ll be gritting my teeth and electrocuting myself and moving as much as possible as soon as possible to try and regain shoulder usage ASAP.  It’ll be interesting.

Mostly for my own usage, here are some interesting links about stim usage in a rehab setting.

Click to access 300PV_PostOpShldrMangine.pdf

I’ll be posting some updates regularly on here about how the rehabbing is going. And yes, TGU’s will be part of the rehab.

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    Look forward to hearing how this goes.

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