August 27, 2012 — 2 Comments

From time to time, I or others will post links to things that you SHOULD eat.  And people latch onto these things, and say things like “I eat one of those! yay! I’m healthier now that I’ve read that. I also eat carrots and beets! I’m gonna be so skinny and healthy and awesome!”

No. You aren’t. Because you are still eating bowls of captain crunch and eating nutrigrain bars. Positives don’t erase negatives. Deleting negatives erases them. I know some smartass mathematician will say something like “two negatives Clif…” to which I respond with yeah, and you can’t triple stamp a double stamp and no matter but that doesn’t change the fact that if you are eating problematic foods, they will still cause problems! (problems being hormonal, gut, or weight afflictions). This is one clear point made in It Starts With Food, by the Whole9…that foods either cause health or detract. Choose wisely.

So, good job for eating a couple of healthy foods along side your 80% remaining piles of processed garbaj. That’s how you say garbage, but more fancy like.



The BA Podcast has a delay on our first couple of guests, because one of the hosts (me) is being an asshole and leaving the country for 10 days…but we plan to record on September 9th, and maybe before if I can get some magic to help me out with a Skype connection!


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