Okaying fatness

September 20, 2012 — 3 Comments

I don’t like playing around and saying fatness is fine. It’s not. It’s not healthy. And a recent NYTIMES Article is another instance of marginalizing the negatives of fatness. Not cool.

Wanna bet that the reason low bmi people who aren’t fit can be unhealthier than fit but fat people is that the low bmi people are just skinny fat, and in fact have a higher body fat % ? Just another reason BMI is retarded. Another reason to lift weights. Another reason to eat meat and support muscle growth. Another reason to not be weak. Another instance of America justifying fatness as it becomes “normal”

That is all.

3 responses to Okaying fatness


    Personally, I think it’s all a big conspiracy to keep Americans fat and unhealthy to the benefit of the pharmaceutical companies. You can get rich making people sick and making people healthy in this country and you can also play both sides. There’s not a lot of profit in healthy people that don’t require as much medical assistance, that aren’t permanently on pills for X/Y/Z, and aren’t buying diet products of any kind.

    I mean, do I think there’s a small group of people that are “orchestrating” this, not quite – I’m not on some Big Brother is fucking us over shit, but just saying that the overall theme of tolerance and “everyone is beautiful just the way they are” plays right into the hands of the people that stand to benefit from it.

    I think people should love themselves, but I also think people should work to better themselves – no need for everyone to look like a fitness model, but I do think people should be considerate of the physical space they occupy and the pressure they put on others, etc.

    Have you ever read about structural violence? from wikipedia, “It refers to a form of violence where some social structure or social institution purportedly harms people by preventing them from meeting their basic needs.” when I first learned about the concept and started seeing how American society is structured it really hit me that there’s more than meets the eye with this issue.

    Imagine a fat person looking to make a change, they might say “Ok, per my government, I am to have 5-6 servings of grains a day, I am to eat a low fat diet, with not too much protein – I might even be better off avoiding all red meat in general, so maybe I’ll become a vegan. Also, I see ads on TV for really tough workouts, I think I’ll try those. Food is expensive to make and I don’t really know how to cook, so I’ll buy slim fast and lean cuisine frozen meals and be on my way! I’ll eat 5-6 times a day as recommended by doctors. I will avoid cholesterol and make sure to eat whole-wheat and whole-grains as the basis of my meals. I won’t have any butter because that’s unhealthy, I’ll choose margerine, eggs are also bad for me according to the news, so I will have egg substitute or just not bother at all… you know what? fuck it, this is all too complicated, I will just stay the way I am.”

    Or, they will actually try it and fail (due to the way things are structured) get disappointd and maybe try a diet pill instead.

    Also, movement is NOT encouraged in our society – elevators, moving stair cases, fucking scooters for those too big to even walk. Laziness is embraced, “take a load off!” people look forward to days where they don’t work so they can sit in front of a TV and do nothing at all…

    I’m saying, a major shift has to take place – Paleo and things such as that are reaching the masses more now, but accordingly, you see more “studies” that make good nutritious food (meat, eggs) seem like the devil… why do you think that happens?

    I totally get you that the solution is simple, lift, be more active, eat less garbage – but that message is NOT the prevalent message being sent out to the masses. It’s run around like an idiot and lift tiny weights, eat salads all day long, etc… it’s totally unsustainable and in my opinion, purposely design to fail those that try it.

    Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog but never took the time to comment.

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