October 7, 2012 — 1 Comment

iMovie fastforwarded exercise videos are awesome. So i made one, for me mostly. Thought I’d see how long it would take to do 100 turkish get ups with a 24kg…but I only did 50 at that weight because my post op shoulder wasn’t EXCITED about it…so I changed the plan. Broke it down like this

  • 10 alternating
  • 5/side L, R, then 10 alternating
  • 5/side L, R, then 10 alternating
  • switched to 16kg and did 1 snatch, get down and up x 10 alternating
  • again, 16kg snatch get down and up x 10 alternating
  • 20 minutes of just various juggling stuff with double 12s
  • some badass curls and reverse flys

I will be doing high rep TGUs more often…depending on how I feel tomorrow.

What’s the most amount of TGU’s that you have done?

Got some workshops coming up…be great to see you there

Aaaaand…If you live in Southern California and you wanted to partake in a MovNat Fundamentals workshop, MN team instructor Amy Heidbreder is leading one on October 20th.

Lastly…I may be available for some personal training while I’m in your city, email me if you are interested for the dates below

  • Columbus, OH Oct 20-21
  • Washington DC Oct 22-24
  • NYC Oct 25-26

One response to fastforward


    The high speed kettlebell work is pretty amazing – the juggling especially.

    I’m linking this over at Fitocracy. have you thought about coming back on? I think your voice would only add wealth of knowledge to the conversation. It’s no all about hokey points…

    Also, props on your soundtrack. I can’t say that enough.

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