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December 4, 2012 — 4 Comments

AEROBIC TRAINING OH MY! It’ll kill you! It’ll save your soul!

These are the arguments we have out there it seems: black and white. But we have a problem with what we are usually saying is aerobic/cardio…typically cardio is thought of as something like jogging at a medium intensity.  Well, that probably isn’t aerobic training for most of us, it’s a little too intense to be true aerobic; check out the homeboy The SockDoc on this subject here. For my purposes of ease and safety, I just say keep your cardio efforts low enough that you can breath in and out of your nose-if you have to mouth breathe then you have gone too intense. With the goal of being able to do more while still maintaining nasal breathing.

Now, luckily we have a bunch of smart people in the industry like the SockDoc, Charlie Weingroff, Joel Jameson, and Pat Ward who are all contributing to the better understanding of how and when aerobic training can be used to enhance recovery, improve performance, and support overall health-and not just crush people’s testosterone or turn them into pathetic weaklings, (claims by aerobic bashers).

proof, right?

proof, right?


more proof

more proof?















In this article by Jason Ferruggia, he says that aerobic exercise can be awesome, even for the don’t get scrawny and weak and whither away crowd. The article explains that training in the low intensity (aerobic) or high intensity (interval-ish) are the two good options, and that the long(er) distance medium intensity efforts are the true problems. I agree.

I want to bring something else up though….I wonder if all these negatives from aerobic/cardio/running articles is all because of running, and not at all because of the aerobic/cardio aspect? SockDoc has one line in this article about it, and I think it’s probably the key point.

Here’s why: most people just suck badly at running. Look at people running down the block…they look like baby giraffes learning to walk, like forest gump running while still in his leg braces, like a bird trying to take off with clipped wings…you get the picture. It’s ugly, and if it looks ugly, it probably is ugly to their body, to their brain, and whole system, which takes it as an insult or maybe better said, as an assault.  So no matter the distance, running is probably a problem for most people. Even if it happens at a slow pace, it is still jogging.

jog 1 (jg)
v. jogged, jog·ging, jogs
1. To move by shoving, bumping, or jerking; jar: a rough wagon ride that jogged the passengers.
2. To give a push or shake to; nudge: jogged her dozing companion with her elbow.
3. To rouse or stimulate as if by nudging: an old photo that might jog your memory.
4. To cause (a horse) to move at a leisurely pace.
1. To move with a jolting rhythm: The pack jogged against his back as he ran.

Note the underlined parts of the dictionary definition, why the fuck would you do those things to yourself? And also I am not a horse…

I think that if the aerobic testing/studies were done with something like hiking it wouldn’t show people having heart ughsplosions. (that’s not nice, sorry). Once again, because hiking probably keeps people at a “truer” aerobic zone, and secondly isn’t demanding their body take a pounding from shitty running technique.

Take home lessons:

  1. Running is an essential human movement, and so If you are going to run, you should learn how to run well. Take a pose or chi running course. Then take the time to build up distance slowly and safely. It’s not a race for you to go and race in some non important half marathon, there are 83 half marathons each month in every city in America. Once you have taken the time to improve your running efficiency, you will be able to run without the insult/assault on your body that most “runners” impose on themselves. Also, you will have intelligently and gradually built up your capacity while constantly improving your technique. And yes, I think “barefoot” style running is best.  
  2. If you are going to run, don’t neglect strength training. And here is one reason why via Brian Tabor of Strong Made Simple. A second reason is that it well help you (at least) look more badass. A third is it will probably decrease your injury risk.
  3. Don’t run to get in shape, Get in shape to run.
  4. Before I seem like I’m a sweet heart for long slow boring stuff, let me tell you the long slow boring stuff I like to do. Hike (sometimes while carrying a kettlebell), easy rowing, easy biking, swimming, easy circuit training, working at trader joes. Doesn’t sound too boring right? But I don’t run. Historically because I just don’t like to, currently because my knee has a bone bruise on the end of the femur, and it doesn’t want me running. Back in the day I would play basketball for hours, and occasionally run around the neighborhood for maximum of 3 miles. I personally don’t think that even when the zombie apocalypse hits, will there be any need to run further than that. Sprinting and strength will be needed though. Thus another reason to be strong and powerful.
  5. If you ONLY are concerned about power and strength and being all swoled up, then maybe you will continue to not do ‘cardio’. Pat Ward on concurrent training, and it’s limitations. **Note that in the article he is speaking for ADVANCED people. You probably aren’t advanced if you’re reading this. If you were advanced you’d be too awesome to read my blog, and your strength coach/nutritionist/personal massage therapist would adjust your daily routine to help you out. Even I’m not advanced, and this is me below.

    don't touch the screen, you risk burning yourself

    don’t touch the screen, you risk burning yourself

Other stuff.

  • Stoked that my online coaching clients are seeing PRs galore, and feeling better with the injuries that have been haunting them. 4 spots open for the New Years, and I’ll be offering a New Year special rate of only $150 for the first month (vs $250 normal).
  • EVERYONE should read this article about fasting by Krista Scott Dixon because it’s so funny and so full of intelligence. Glad that my BA diet stuff cautions the ladies about fasting.






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    Dude, you had me right up til the zombie apocalypse scare tactic! Are you positive that zombies zonk at 2.9 miles?


    you are surely going to run into multiple groups of zombies miles apart, that is where your strength training comes in. Oh, and dont mistake marathoners for zombies.

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