February 4, 2013 — 1 Comment

If you or someone you know is in San Diego, help out their ass!

The next set of Bootycamps start next week already, on Feb 11th and run through March 9th. I’m stoked to be able to offer the training at what I think to be very reasonable pricing…


  • BOOTYCAMPS are 4 weeks in length, and packages are only offered in minimum of 4 week blocks, max 6 people/class.
  • 2x/week classes are $15 each class ($120 for the BOOTYCAMP)
  • 3x/week classes are $12.50 each class ($150 for the BOOTYCAMP)
  • Drop in fee is $25, and is only available if there is space!

I’m offering up the following deal on the next round of bootycamps…for any person that you refer who signs up with me, I will send you $15 via paypal. Just have the person you send to me tell me that YOU sent them, and I will send YOU $15. This is as much an experiment as it is about filling my classes…well almost. Just copy and share this link on your facebook/twitter/google/ page and tell them to go to my bootycamp for some serious ass blasting and what I think to be intelligent effective training.

If you are in San Diego, come try it out this week for free! just email me to check it out

I have something else in the works I’ll be excited to share soon hopefully….

Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in the following offer. To go along with my private online coaching I may add a monthly BA training workout that you can purchase and follow along with for a measly $30…yep, (read in cheesy sales voice) “just $1 a day folks”.

Check this out also, you can find me teaching a BA workshop

Vegas on Feb 9th

San Diego on March 2nd

Durham, NC on March 10th

and also teaching a Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 cert in Durham, NC on March 9/10

And I leave you with a video, as I haven’t done that in a long time! 

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    Yeah creative movement! Gotta get full range of motion on that high intensity finisher though man, come on. Hah! When are you going to be on the East Coast again? Hope all is well, see you in Austin hopefully!

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