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November 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

Stuff has just been too busy for me to worry about blogging, plus i’m not selling workshops or online training anymore due to the time commitment to Fitwall….but I thought I’d put this up for the couple of people who get auto notices of what little ol’ clifton puts up on the webz. facebook converstaion

  • i had my first basketball game in 3 years last week….only been doing fitwall….felt like i had been playing ball 3-4x each week.  even when i was playing ball, if i took a month off and played again, while running/lifting, I never had such a good carry over from conditioning to the court. I can’t even write about it because it seems too good for me, as the program writer, to write about

  • Clifton Harski
    Clifton Harski

    athlete carryover is enormous

    pumped for you to try it since yo’ve worked with so many athletes

  • Ryan 'Bird' Burgess
    Ryan ‘Bird’ Burgess

    yeah, i just did a presentation today on GPP, SPP, and Dynamic Correspondance

    I’d put myself in the category though of people with low GPP, so just doing it and getting in better shape will def help

  • Clifton Harski
    Clifton Harski

    the conundrum i’m in is that i have to be aware that i’m inherently biased with regards to fitwall, even while trying not to be, that the really good results we see across the board through different sports and activities with people improving in performance, that i gotta be super critical of whether its what we are doing, or if i could’ve had the same results in my bootycamp classes.

  • Clifton Harski
    Clifton Harski

    i’m largely doing the same stuff…push, pull, rotate, hinge, single leg, . but half of the stuff we do is with the wall which really does have some very unique and cool transfer to stability and ‘what the hell effect’ on other movements. it’s a very dynamic and athletic program.

    the answer may be, “who gives a shit.” so long as people are running races faster, feeling stronger in their yoga and lacrosse games, stepping into sporting events and feeling more athletic than they ahve in years…..i guess thats a win enough


    just ask men’s fitness….

    Future of Fitness Feature in December issue of Men's Fitnesss

    Future of Fitness Feature in December issue of Men’s Fitnesss

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