Random thoughts during an oil change and car wash

April 23, 2015 — Leave a comment
  1. ninja b4 afterI should be changing my own oil
  2. And washing this car
  3. if you wanna put on weight (aka get gainz) you gotta eat more. If you wanna eat more then eat some simple carbs for breakfast. Cereal and juice and pancakes and stuff like that works really well to get you eating a ton during the day.
  4. casual runners who enter events are the most lost individuals in the world when it comes to training. They follow the runners world couch to marathon program without listening to body, without ramp up, and they are miserable.
  5. Maybe worse are those who follow that program and still do a full workout “program”. You can’t do both as is-they both need to be adjusted.
  6. Trader joes has a gluten free white bread that makes a pretty good pb&j
  7. just because u can dunk doesn’t mean you should. At least not for like fifty smashes
  8. Hitting chest and tris in a workout is sweet
  9. Hitting back and bis is sweeter
  10. food logs without tracking macros, wtf


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