BA living

What is BA living? BA living is how you want to live.  It is a system and a mindset to take control of your fitness and health. Click below for more info on the training services and the diet information provided.

  1. BA training. Be Able. Be Athletic. You want to Be Able in your life and work activities. Once you’re Able, you’ll want to increase those abilities and Be Athletic-which just means kicking more ass in your life.
  2. BA diet. Be Aware. Be Alive.  You need to Be Aware of your health and what to eat, and once you’re Aware you can optimize your choices and truly Be Alive.
In addition to the info above, read the BA blog, and soon you can listen to the BA podcast for more info on all things #BA

Here is my San Diego BA training company page.

I am a movement, strength and conditioning coach based in San Diego, CA. I have outdoor group classes, conduct semi private training, and do select 1 on 1 training.  I also have online coaching available, please contact me at for  online private coaching.  My certifications are listed:

  • I hold a BS in Kinesiology from SDSU
  • RKC (kettlebell for those who don’t know) and CK-FMS, KB Athletics level 2
  • DVRT ultimate sandbag
  • CrossFit, CF Football, CF Mobility
  • ACE PT
  • Under Armour Combine 360/combine training


#BA #BadAss

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