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Big ass delicious meals.

August 10, 2011 — 18 Comments

I commonly am asked how to put on size while MovNatting/eating Paleo.  Pretty basic 3 steps.

  1. Create an overload on the body
  2. Eat lots of nutrient dense food
  3. Let your body recover before thrashing it again
There is so much info out there that I’m not going to rehash much-rather I will just share a couple of my favorite, big ass meals that I eat for the dense nutrition (read calorie heavy).
Sweet potato marrow mash
1. Cook the sweet potatoes (yams, whatever you wanna call ’em) on 400 for like, an hour in the oven.  Don’t be disrespectful and boil them, or put them in the microwave.  We want them to get all syrupy and awesome.  Don’t waste your time cooking one either, cook as many as you can fit in your oven-its time efficient, and you’ll need the sweet pots for other meals on this list.
2. Cook the bone marrow during the first 15 minutes that the sweet pots are cooking.  MDA has a nice article about how.
3. Remove the marrow from the bone while you are waiting for the sweet pots to finish cooking.  Then don’t you dare throw the bones out-instead you had better make a bone broth.  Also use the remaining time to cook whatever meat and veggies you got going on.
4. When the sweet pots are done, add in the bone marrow and mash it up.  I personally don’t eat the skins.  If you’d like, you can cook the marrow on low in a pan so it becomes like butter.
5. Eat this and feel powerful.
Sweet potato discs
1. Take some of the cooked sweet pots from the fridge that you cooked when you made the bone marrow mash, and slice them into discs.  Fry these discs in either butter (if you’re not a paleo nazi), ghee (if you are), or coconut oil.  I alternate because they all taste different in good ways.  Sprinkle with cinnamon.  I like to serve this with fried eggs.
Lazy shepherd pie
1 lb of ground meat ( I like wild boar, bison, cow, elk, antelope) cooked in butter and cumin.  Add precooked sweet potato and cinnamon.  Get fancy and layer it in a bowl, devour.
Enter the Plantain
Part 1
Eggs + Best Bfast Sausage Ever + Fried Plantain = Hercules
1. In a copious amount of coconut oil and butter combo, put diced plantain and diced sausage and brown it up.  Seriously, go try that applegate maple sausage, unless you live in a city I’m visiting, I can’t risk it being out at whole foods when I go to buy it.
2. Cook eggs in left over oils…which there won’t be much of since the plantain sponges it up real quick like.  So put in more.
Part 2
This is the ultimate calorie bomb, and should be eaten only if you aren’t a Paleo Nazi, enjoy life, and really wanna put back some calories.  It’s my favorite prefast meal.
1.  Put in A LOT of coconut oil, fry up diced plantains til browned a bit.
2. Remove plantain with slotted spoon and place in a bowl.
3. Chop up really dark (84%+) and sprinkle over plantains.  Then pour the left over hot oil over the chocolate-creating a magical coconut oil-chocolate syrup.
4. Add a scoop of crunchy peanut butter.  (Or macadamia, or almond, whatever your preference is….but peanut butter is scientifically proven to be at least 74% more better)
5. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Hagen Daaz Five Vanilla Bean is my go to.
6. Sprinkle coconut shreds ontop.
7. You’ll probably need to sit down as the cold/hot/crunchy/soft/gooey/salty/sweet/crispy/gooey stimulation to the mouth is a little overwhelming.
8. You’re a better human now that you’ve eaten this.
Coconut Oil
If you do smoothies, salads, or anything…eat more of this.  It is really damn good for you, and doesn’t give me (n-1) any belly problems like a lot of coconut milk can.
The BIGGEST thing to remember when trying to put on size is that you have to eat to put on size.  If you eat “paleo” it can be tough to pack calories away.  Stop being a little wuss, you’ll get better at eating more, it just takes practice-like everything. For a more thorough look at exactly what type of commitment this is, you can look forward to the Whole9’s Dallas giving the lowdown on how he put muscle mass on in his fabled and forthcoming #cleanmassgain post.  I don’t think my ice cream plantain dish makes the cut… 😦
These were just 4 calorically and nutritionally dense meals to try, sorry it doesn’t get into when, where, how much.  Quickly I would say
  • when-post workout
  • where-your kitchen, learn to cook
  • how much-LOTS AND LOTS if you wanna gain lbs
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