A week in my training-Monday

November 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

This week will probably be as typical of my training as any, given my pretty unique travel schedule.  Basically I am focusing on getting my TGU to be awesomer than yours-and I’m talking to everyone. So I’m doing TGU’s with lots of different things, because I feel like it forces my body to adapt and be stable under many objects.  Also, I’m not going super heavy on any squatting (little knee thing), but am doing mostly odd object (like a human) or KB front squats.  Then I will do easy deadlifts every so often.  Pressing, balancing, and climbing….Ultimately It will all depend on who and where I’m training.

Yesterday I trained with Franz Snideman, senior RKC in his studio.

Warmup-Forward, backwards, side, and hard rolls.  Some ground movements too.

Workout-TGU sets

  • 16kg, press in each position-1/arm
  • 24kg, bottom up-2/arm (success on both arms, left is getting awesomer)
  • 44kg, 2/arm
  • 110lb with ez curl bar 1/arm (left arm got up then stumbled on way down)

100lb ball shouldering, 3 sets of each side, 100lb clean and press x 2, 100lb snatch x3 (only caught 1)

150lb ball shouldering, just 1 per side (it hurst the ear)

150lb ball clean and press-just one to try

two attempts of picking up the 150 and 100-failed to stand up, but did load the lap with both

50lb reverse get up

4 squats of the 100lb ball and 50lb ball hugged

double KB front squat with

  • double 40kgx2
  • 40kg and 44kg (1 per side)

That was it…here is some video of it. http://youtu.be/CXXoNZ09QUY

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