A Week In My Training-Tuesday

November 22, 2011 — 3 Comments

Earlier today with Brian Tabor I did Bench Press and Trap Bar deadlifts and my sets were

  • bench-135×5, 185×4, 205×3, 225×2, 275×1, 225×10
  • TrapDL-135×5, 185×5, 235×5, 285×5, 285×5, 285×5

Then we did some agility work, rolls, balancing and ground movement out in the sun on the turf field at SDSU.  Finished with 20 minutes of sauna.

This evening went to open gymnastics.  This was play, but holy hell I’m gonna be sore as shit.  

  • Pole climbs with jump into foam pit x 4
  • backflips into foam pit x 5
  • front flips into foam pit x 3
  • kong vaults into foam pit x 3
  • big ass diving flips into foam pit x 5 (a note about foam pits-it is an amazing workout to get out of a damn foam pit!!)
  • parallel bars back and forth for about 15 minutes of just stuff
  • 3 upside down rope climbs (shoulda filmed the first!)
  • about 30-40 various vaults over those big pads
  • 5 back flips on the floor
  • like 10 handstand attempts
  • pistols on balance beam around 5/leg-from sitting to standing, really hard
  • precision jumps beam to beam-did this til someone ate shit, like ten 6′ jumps
  • crow pose pushup into handstand x 5
  • sommersaults
  • handstand walking
  • TGU’s of 120lb girl (2 on right side, failed on left, dammit)
  • rolls with big circle pad

And that’s play. Not exercise per se. And there is a difference.  But I’ll still be sore.



3 responses to A Week In My Training-Tuesday


    I just found a new use for my girlfriend.


    Nice one Cliff!

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