Couple of fun videos

March 21, 2012 — 10 Comments

In my most recent workshop in Toronto, at Strengthbox, I took the opportunity at the end of our two days of instruction to get a little training in.  This video is a fun little sampling of the things we did…generally we did each item between 2-4 times.  My music selection is top notch.

Here is an older video from January when Brian Tabor and I did the Brett Contreras “sexy challenge”

And finally, here is a challenging clap pull-up variety that is pretty challenging

10 responses to Couple of fun videos


    Good times. Glad I witnessed the action. I like that you can hear my cackle at the end 😉


    Can’t y’all rig your cell phone sideways to take a wider pic? Surely there’s duct tape available?

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