The Ultimate Red Meat Study Destroyer

March 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

Well raised red meat helps make you more BadAss. The Harvard Study was bullshit for a number of reasons. Go buy a nice grassfed steak and feel better about yourself and be happy that a bunch of impressionable weaklings are not eating steaks leaving more for yourself and me.

I’m not nearly as smart, respected, or old as all of the people who have ripped apart the recent Harvard “red meat kills you ‘study’ ” It has generated so much buzz that even the harvard crimson is reporting on the debate.

But…I did see the Harvard scientist talk about the study and he stuck to his guns a bit again and so I felt it was needed to compile the large amount of input sticking it to the red meat scare mongers.

Side note, if you clicked the link above you would’ve noticed that the Harvard bro sports a really sweet and thick mustache that even rivals Stu McGill’s….so how is he such a boner?

In no particular order, here are a number of articles that let you know that when it comes to red meat, you should go ahead and EAT ACTUAL, WELL RAISED RED MEAT. It helps to make you more badass.

Start Here:

Ok, that’s enough…turns out there were even more than I thought.

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