June 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

I would like to ‘blog’ more…but I don’t like sharing just for the sake of sharing, instead I want to only blog cool/smart/interesting/funny stuff…well, I am feeling like none of those things right this minute, and since it’s been two weeks of no updates due to enjoying a little time off, I am going to share a couple of Bad Ass articles by other studs I read.

  1. Patrick Ward. Like the smartest dude you don’t know about, and according to this post he’s just getting more smarter and therefore doesn’t blog that much, but when he does its golden: The Complexity of it all.
  2. Julien Smith. He has written about how to be Bad Ass, and as this blog was briefly called the Art of Badassery, you probably know I have a bit of a thing for Mr. Smith. Today he wrote about Growing Some f*c^!!g Balls.
  3. I love stuff that’s seriously geeky and sciencey like #1 Pat Ward, but even more I like someone who can take that and deliver in a totally awesome package…and the best example I’ve seen of that is Mark Fisher at seriously go check it out and watch   This video should be at about 1,00,000 views it’s so damn funny. Gray himself is just rolling laughing when he shows it to me.
  4. is an unbelievable resource of affordable (cheap) lectures by all sorts of smarty pants in the health/fitness field.  Somehow they asked me to contribute, and I did here.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has reached out congratulating me on the site updates, and the training services offered.  Depending on how many of the interested people who emailed today decide to purchase online coaching, I may have to close that down for a bit due to the requests. Very cool.

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