Summer Plans

June 18, 2012 — Leave a comment

Today I start training clients again in San Diego.  The Be Able group class is at 8am Mon-Thurs at Mission Bay.  It looks like a women’s only class may be in the works based on some demand…would like to hear feedback on that.

The classes have been put off for a couple reasons: getting settled back in San Diego, assisting instruction at the CK-FMS the first week of June, and dealing with an injury or two.  In fact, today at 4pm I have an MRI on the right knee which looks like it may be a meniscus tear….we’ll see.  Additionally in June I have another kettlebell certification with Jason C Brown of KB athletics which I’m excited about, and also the Chicago Perform Better Summit which I’m really pumped about because I’ll learn a ton and see some pals such as Mark Fisher, Charlie Weingroff, Gray Cook, and more.  The PB summit means I’ll be gone 5 days, and so starting July 2 the regular schedule will be up and posted.  I appreciate everyone who shares these posts and this link to the BA training Facebook page

In July I am only traveling once to take the Sandbag certification with Josh Henkin.  August will see me travel to OK City for the Summit of Strength, to Long Beach to assist Gray Cook at the perform better summit, and to NYC for Level 2 sandbag and to teach a workshop.

I’ve also taken on a handful of online coaching clients, which is proving to be very cool.  I have space for a couple more if you are interested!


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