Potholes and Changes

July 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front the last 2 months and I thought I’d share why.

I’ve been busy. Quite busy. With serious business like this picture

dangerous (I think anyway)

I was lucky enough to assist at the CK-FMS and really hammer the FMS and corrective exercise strategies into my noggin.  Out there in MN the real benefit, as is the case at any formal learning experience, was the knowledge gained between sessions through conversations with the likes of Mark Cheng, Brett Jones, and Jeff O’ Connor.  Seeing things like them constantly work on mobility drills while sitting, and jumping into learn when they could really helps solidify how important those things are.  I was really looking forward to learning from those guys at the Summit of Strength…but a pothole got in the way….

2 weeks after the ckfms I was able to attend Jason C Brown’s level 2 kettlebell athletics cert.  His material really resonated with me as I think there are a lot of things that can be done with the KB that typically are not. A small example: the KB clean just works better for some people in a straight vertical line vs the horizontal swing clean….so teaching both is rad.  Being able to do both is more rad. And being able to clean one while simultaneously snatch another is more radder.  It was the type of thing that I like and find beneficial at BA training.  And definitely a move I will be stealing for some BA training workshops that are gonna be traveling around.

2 weeks after the KB athletics cert I went to chicago for the Perform Better Summit. I’m gonna write a post about the overarching themes from that summit, but briefly: movement variability is KEY. It’s not just the thing or two that you do really well, it’s how many things you can do well. I’ve written about that before, and it’s always sweet when you have other smarter people say similar things! I also got to hang out with the Mark Fisher Fitness Crew, and we had a damn good time all weekend

Then I got home to San Diego and started working at Trader Joe’s again. Why? Because at 3 days a week I get insurance, discounted groceries, and don’t have to be my own boss for 21 hours of the week-which is very nice.  It’s nice because I’m starting my outdoor group classes (bootycamp) and that is gonna take a lot of effort and time for marketing.  It’s nice zoning out at trader joes because I’m also doing some online coaching, which I started with very few people to make sure that it would go smoothly-so far it’s been a lot of fun with great results, and I’m ready to add another 10 spots. I’m able to add more spots because I’m only coaching 6 classes per week, and not adding many 1 on 1 coaching sessions–I’ve seen just way too many trainers who get burned out living the training lifestyle.  I probably could add a bunch of clients and have crazy schedule with lots of small little breaks…but that would get old fast. So I’m building the group classes.  If you’re in San Diego, it’s $69 for a month of unlimited classes…and that’s because it takes a month to really know if we are good fits for one another, not one free class! I also like to have a month to teach you form, diet, etc.

This past weekend I stormed the IDEA fitness convention center in the BA training ninja outfit

Ninjas know the importance of ankle mobility!

This coming weekend is the Josh Henkin Sandbag cert, and the following weekend is the Charlie Weingroff seminar on how to be a monster….lots of learning this summer.

And one more thing that I haven’t actually openly shared, I get knee surgery on the 25th. I had a bone bruise I suffered in december, and the bruise died unfortunately. So I’m left with a (pot)hole on the weight bearing portion of my medial femoral condyle. The plan is to go in and clean up floaties, the edges of the hole, test for health of the area, and hopefully the clean up is enough…but I might need a micro fracture procedure, or an OATS procedure.  Either of those options require 6-8 weeks of crutches, so I’m very grateful to my other coaching friends and lady who might be assisting me teach my classes while I point at the students with a crutch!

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