Slow down please…

July 14, 2012 — 5 Comments

Those athletes, (or wannabe athletes), that you are training are amazing at how quickly they can lunge up in down in a split squat, or how quickly they can perform drop step lunges to a knee hike, or how amazing fast they can perform a bottom up KB press. Oh wait, that’s not amazing, it’s actually probably hiding some instability issues.  

Slowing a movement down takes away momentum and necessitates more control.  But you need to think about what movement you will apply this to.  For instance, some smartass is gonna tell me that “yeah but you can’t snatch slowly” to which I reply “you’re just being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. Thanks for the useless comment, dick.”  If it’s a drill which needs explosiveness to perform, don’t slow it down.  But…..What are some drills which could benefit from slowing down the execution? Here are some that I like.

  1. Split Squats, static. Feet hip width or narrower, lowering and standing phase takes about 5 seconds each. This narrow base of support will very much see most trainees and ‘athletes’ who only train fast, max tension, and bilaterally wavering and wondering why they all of a sudden suck at life.  And that’s at bodyweight. Seriously, lots of ‘strong’ squatters can’t do this w/o falling over or at least moving their feet to shoulder width.
  2. Reverse lunges.  Step back and lower slowly to a knee ‘kiss’ then come up slowly and under control. You will have to spend extra time one 1 foot, and as such your balance will be checked. Add some more fun and hold a KB on only 1 side, either at the side, overhead, or in rack position.
  3. Rolls. Forward and backwards.  These are very interesting when done slowly.  Normally any roll practice is just throwing your body at the ground in a ball shape. Trying these drills from laying and going slowly will really test your control.
  4. Carries. You know when you are doing your farmers and rack walks you’re the person trying to ‘win’ and get to the 20 yard mark fastest. Stop it, go slower, stand up straight and enjoy the drill and it’s benefits instead of rushing through it.

Those four should give you an idea of how you can slow things down to increase the challenge. Try them out!

5 responses to Slow down please…


    Thanks for this stuff, I am going to try them out! Muchos gracias for your creative approach!


    Like Big Daddy Feldenkrais talks about, moving slowly is ESSENTIAL to quieting the noise of movement inefficiency and identifying the bugs present in the software. Most folks operate on a neural software platform that is the equivalent of an Atari 2600, even though the muscle hardware might appear to be that of an XBox360. Found a great article on the health benefits of moving slow:

    The next question is, how do we [From a coaches perspective] create a culture and a practice that motivates others towards subscribing to the process rather than purely the product?



      We gotta find a way to sneak it in. Don’t overwhelm with what they need, but put it in there. It’s like sneaking sardines into my nephew’s mac and cheese…he still likes it, but luckily there is good stuff in there. And he doesn’t even know better, til one day when I explain it after all the benefits have been seen.


    So simple and so effective — awesome post bro.

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