KB partner juggling

August 22, 2012 — 3 Comments

I’ve always had fun playing with KB juggling. Right now, with my shoulder rehab, I believe it is helpful for reactive stabilization in the shoulder, additionally, swings don’t irritate the knee (also recovering from surgery).  On Sunday, Rudy Thomas the S&C coach at ucsd and I did 2 hours of crawls, carries, and juggling practice (focusing on only nasal breathing). I got a nice burn. Rudy’s shorts are amazing (he’s getting his RKC this weekend-he’d better wear those shorts one of the days!)

The KB juggling requires CONTROL. This is really cool, and something that separates juggling swings from regular swings. I know, regular swings can be controlled also, however it isn’t exactly necessary like it is with juggling.  It’s also great for hand eye coordination, timing, and some people will claim it helps to develop eyesight. (IMO more precisely it develops eye movement speed and tracking-but I’m not an optometrist).


Lastly, and mostly, it is FUN.

3 responses to KB partner juggling


    KB juggling seems so easy in theory, but man is it tough. Just goes to show how ridiculously coordinated you guys are. I mean seriously, you just had two recent surgeries and you can still juggle like a pro.

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