2 Fitness Videos

January 6, 2013 — 3 Comments

Below I have embedded two fitness videos….1 is a mockery, and the other is for a real brand of group classes….the question is, which is which?!?



And that, in a video battle nutshell is what the hell is wrong with fitness….

3 responses to 2 Fitness Videos


    These videos really drive the point home…personally, I prefer Cooter Sweat!


    Hey Clifton, I’m not sure what it is you’re referring to by comparing the 2 videos & saying that they are everything that is wrong with fitness.. Is it because a) they make overpromise results or b) are you against one-size-fits-all not personalized group workouts in general? I’m not sure I understand what is wrong with doing BodyPump – aside from their “push through the pain” mantra.. Would love if you could clarify – thanks, Annika


      bodypump problems: 1. push through the pain…nope…don’t exercise through pain. 2. the instructor workouts, and does zero instructing. 3. as a result, all the garbage form in the class stays garbagey. 4. group classes can be good.

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