January 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

Man, just too busy to keep up on the blog, gonna try to do better since without consistent input people will forget about me. šŸ˜„

But seriously, been up to some fun.

1st-I have a workshop coming up in Vegas on Feb 9th.

2nd-I have been busy working at Point Loma Sports Club, in San Diego, CA. So those of you who want to train with me, but don’t like outdoor workouts, this is a sweet facility to do so. Pretty rad, we’ve instituted the FMS in the gym. Ā Here is a video that the badass BO put together to showcase the movement class I’ve been taking some athletes through.

BO didn’t gimme any screen time! I think because I was looking too damn good in my underarmour shirt.

3rd-I’ve made some progress on the shoulder and knee rehab, hello 147lb human getup….

4th-I’m pumped to be one of the featured trainers at this event

Feats of strength should be TGUs of all the GoGo dancers methinks....

Feats of strength should be TGUs of all the GoGo dancers methinks….

5th-Suuuuper duuuper stoked to be leading some movement sessions at PaleoFX. Last year was a ton of fun, and I imagine this year is gonna be even better without all the hooligans running round Austin for sxsw. Seriously, get there.

6th-The KB community has grown fond of a boner forĀ the dead stop KB swing, where you swing a heavy bell once, set it down, and then go again. I like these…but I added a little power bomb action to it and its even more excite!

7th- I have a couple extra spaces in bootycamps left…better get after it.

8th-Stoked to be working alongside I…Do Weddings! and offering a bootycamp special, where if 3 bridesmaids sign up the bride trains for free!

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