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May 2, 2013 — 1 Comment

I’m not one to brag*, but my new ad is the best ad for a fitness product I’ve seen in a long time.  Image

*I actually like to brag

2. Bros looking to get big, order this pancake mix. The calorie density is amazing. Here is the recipe that I kinda stick to. 2 eggs, 1.5 cups(ish) of super flour, 1 can of pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla, 2tbsp melted butter, liquid coconut oil (some), salt sprinkle, water until it’s fairly thin. Cook it on medium heat, flip when there are bubbles. Cook it in ample butter, then put on maple syrup. Foreals…this is the awesome. You can substitute apple sauce for the pumpkin, or smushed bananas also. Calorie of this meal = around 2,500-3,000 depending on how much butter and syrup you use. #PAF

3. Krista Scott Dixon is more awesome than those pancakes.Read this article about paleo-ing harder. AKA, why long term low/no carbing is BAD news. She writes like I hope I sound when I talk…smart, sassy, funny.

3.5 Riding the coat tails of the above: I would like to reiterate that going low/no carb is effective for people in a short term weight loss goal, or to perhaps shift fuel sourcing in the body to a more balanced fat/carb mix. I guess I don’t really know if that’s true, but I think so based on what I’ve read. But, as I’ve said before: everything should be cyclic. If you eat low carb for a month or three, then you should start adding back in carbohydrate sometimes. Here’s a crazzzeee idea, match your carb consumption with your workout intensities! Low carb=strength cycle. Higher Carb = higher intensitie stuff. Oh yeah, that means you cycle your training too, which is probably smarter. EVERYTHING CYCLIC. Protein eating should even be cyclic once you have gotten close to the point aesthetic/well being feeling that you wanna be—what I mean is: high protein eating is great for weight loss-protein displaces carbs/fat in your intake, and protein tends to be much harder to store as fat compared to fat or carbs, it also ‘costs’ more to utilize and fills you up longer. However, if you are always high protein, your efficiency at utilizing that high intake is probably diminished, because of the abundance of it in your diet. Soooo, go a period of lower protein (we know that you don’t have to be HIGH protein to conserve or even build muscle mass, and when you are lower protein intakes it seems that your body becomes more protein ‘thrifty’ and utilizes your protein you do eat more efficiently). After you go low(er) protein for a while, doing sporadic super high protein days may prove to be extra beneficial, as your body is now ‘primed’ to utilize more of what you consume.  This of course should have citations attached, but I don’t wanna since I’m not a Peer Journal, and even if tracked down the studies for this ‘theory’ it is unproven. It sorta ties into the idea that having 3 larger protein meals in the day is better than 6 smaller ones, because more spaced out bigger protein intakes seems to be utilized better as there are less free floating amino acids (which may basically tell your ‘utilization’ processes that “it’s cool baby, we got free floating aminos, no need to utilize that protein right now”.  None the less….I’d still recommend everyone first and foremost to focus on food quality, getting protein at each meal-and worry little about other calorie concerns. “we are just eating, so eat fucking food not food stuffs”

4. Stoked to be getting Animal Flow certified next week. That’d be a fun thing to be teaching 😉

5. Trader Joe’s gluten free cookies are delicious. They taste like crunchy butter/chocolate heaven. In fact, next post will be a trip to trader joes, and what amazing foods for my bros and carb backloaders are there that you should be buying and enjoying.

6. I have a couple goals right now: 1 arm chin, 30 fat grip pullups**, 100 unbroken KB beast swings (106lbs), and 100 unbroken pushups.

peace out suckaz

**pullups=strict. obviously, as I’m not a tick ass sucka

7. workshops coming up:

Wednesday June 12, at Fitness on the Run in Alexandria, VA from 630p-830p

Thursday June 13, at CF Silver Spring in Silver Spring, MX from 6p-8p.

Saturday, June 15th at Mark Fisher Fitness (link is coming)

Also, in June, I am teaching a kettlebell Athletics certification in St Louis on June 8/9.

8. Online coaching to badassify your bitch ass.

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    Just wondering what the plan of attack is for the one arm chin up? I slowly worked my way up to 5×5 pull ups with 24kg, about to move up to 32kg and see where I start back at (3×3 or 5×3 something like that). My goal is 5×5 with 48kg by the end of the year and working for the one arm from there.

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